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Don't overdo it at mealtimes - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, July 19, 2020

You'll regret it if you neglect your body and don't give it what it needs, be kind to yourself


Your presence is peaceful and serene for those around you, you’re like a vortex of energy which generates calm around itself.  This is an energy which changes your surroundings. Imagine you're a colour and you dye everything you come into contact with, you’d be blue like the sea.

Today it’s important that you leave melancholy and a desire to revive the past aside and try to connect with the love you feel when you're in the here and now. Don’t think that when you show your feelings it goes unnoticed to that person who cares for you.

A very special person will approach you to start a relationship, Scorpio. But it might end up being a nightmare if you don’t set boundaries. It will be one of those people who wish to control everything.

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Someone in your family will ask for your help with a financial matter.  You shouldn’t turn your back on them, you’ll want to help them out of that situation as soon as you hear the details.

You know how to put yourself in the other person’s position, you’ve been through great struggles and your empathy awakens when you see your family struggling. Lending a hand will fill your soul with happiness and peace.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 22. This number talks about mastering collaboration, of the pragmatic ability to help in material matters. You know what you need and what tools you have to move towards success, and you won’t hesitate to help out those around you or ask for their help.


Are you willing to have a balanced diet? Careful, Scorpio. The moon in Cancer could enhance the digestive problems of water signs.

Light, fibre-rich foods will help you have a great day.