Scorpio Horoscope Sunday 2020

You're blessed by magical synchronicity - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, October 18, 2020

No one else will make your dreams come true, try to identify what you truly desire


The Moon going through your sigh illuminates your heart with its magical light, and it pushes you to express your sensuality in such a way that you’ll have more than one suitor trying to become your lover.

This situation can turn into a headache for you if you're one of those who are in a committed relationship. All of your doubts seem to become stronger, destabilizing the little safety you feel at the moment.

Those who are going through a season of solitude will be able to sensibly identify what’s best for them in their love lives. An important relationship might be about to start.


At times you feel you have to understand financial matters which aren’t within your possibilities.  The fear caused by the insecurity which is currently being experienced in the world can destabilize your plans and the energy you bring into your projects.

You’ll have to be careful not to fall into a trap or a con. You might think of a magical solution for a financial matter which is unrealistic and hard to accomplish.

Don’t delay following your dreams. No one other than you will be able to make them come true, Scorpio.

This Sunday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 14. This number in the tarot represents calm and temperance of character, which is needed to overcome conflict and find solutions.

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It’s time to responsibly meet your body’s real needs.  You might be ignoring a pain or symptom which is indicating a deficiency in your body.

Googling it won’t be enough to make it better, Scorpio. Being aware and responsible with your body is part of the love you deserve to give yourself.

You might experience some discomfort which indicates you need urgent treatment. Set an reminder to tell you to call your doctor.

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