Scorpio Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Don't deny yourself anything! - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Enjoying your body in every aspect improves your relationship with yourself and boosts your self-love


It’s time to enjoy a relationship that you value, and for which you’ve suffered so much in the past.  The moon in Capricorn gives you the security to commit from the bottom of your heart and overcome past hurdles. If your partner has been unfaithful, then you’ve experienced disillusionment which you can now put behind you. You’ll appreciate every learning moment once you understand that you can only move forward once you let go of the pain of the past.

You’ll enjoy physical contact, massaging each other, feeling the passion of embraces and caresses will be essential in order to vibrate in harmony with the person you like. Those born in the first decan will be the ones who feel the most the effect of Venus in Libra.


Don’t listen to those who don’t understand your working situation.  But not everything will be problems. The planetary alignments show an influx of positive energy which brings unexpected profit and success in legal matters.

Your magnetism will bring new possibilities into your professional life, you might start talks with companies that require your services. Scorpio, you might be harassed by other people who are after the same position, and who will mercilessly try to sabotage you.

This Wednesday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 76. This number will bring success for Scorpios who are planning on developing their talent. You’ll manage to become stronger by using your intuition and, this way, you’ll attract greater possibilities.

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Be careful not to consume too much alcohol or other mind-altering substances. If you tend to get dragged down by bad habits, it’s time to seek help to overcome it. Looking after your health is up to you and only you. Enhance your willpower by supporting yourself on Saturn’s good aspect.