Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Will you dare take that step in your love life? - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, July 18, 2020

You need initiative to take a new step in your love life. Hesitating might make you trip and fall


Scorpios will receive favourable astral flows this Friday, which will support their wedding and union projects with their beloved. For those who have been thinking of making progress down the path of cohabitation, perhaps the time has come to take that important step. At least you can trust in the astral blessings which propitiate all progress in matters of the heart with positive flows.

The blessings also shine upon those who are in a stable relationship and need to strengthen their romantic foundations, remembering what unites you is essential right now, to avoid losing yourselves in your daily life with all its problems.

For those who are single, the stars show a magical energy which will touch their heart, and they will have no escape from such intense feelings.


You’re facing a dilemma which keeps you up at night. There’s no way to move forward in this choice without renouncing some options. It’s very hard for you to pick, Scorpio, and for this reason you’ll have to meditate in silence on what's best for you right now.

You can rest assured that you’re managing your finances smartly and safely and, although destiny is playing you a bad hand, you’ll keep moving forward with all the inner power characteristic of your sign.


This Saturday the stars show a special inclination towards activities which give you inner peace. Today it’s important for you to allow yourself a moment of solitude in your favourite place of the house. You can light a candle and feel the air in your nostrils, connect with the rhythm of your breathing and your heartbeat, and leave your mind blank. You don’t need to force your posture, just sit up with your back straight, your face relaxed and allow yourself to be carried away by the rhythm of your resting body.