Scorpio Thursday on a sky background

Your mind and heart will be at odds - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, February 18, 2021

Do you feel irritable? You'll, unsuccessfully, try to control the anxiety that takes over you


Today you’ll struggle to contain your bad temper, and this could cause an argument with your partner.  The presence of Mars and the moon in opposition to the sun will give you a tense attitude and with a tendency to problems and arguments between lovers.

Although you’ll feel your heart overflowing with affection, you’ll let your irritability get the best of you, which won’t help you understand each other, Scorpio.

If you’re looking for love, then you’re likely to be causing the opposite effect to the one you desire. Attracting someone else involves a lot more than just desire, you need to invest part of your energy in opening up to a new relationship.

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The stars invite you to innovate and create new was of accessing money and sustenance every day. If you don’t let your own creativity surprise you, you’ll miss out on magical opportunities for material progress.

At work, some colleagues might cause problems for you in some way. Don’t forget that the only thing you can control to an extent is your own actions, what others do is not your problem and, although it’s likely to affect you in an unpleasant way, you must learn to focus on your matters without meddling in those of others.

If you’re an entrepreneur Scorpio, you might discover a new way of attracting clients.  You’ll have a lot of fun drafting this proposal. Your creativity will expand as you move forward and start applying your ideas.


You’ll feel a great desire to look after your body and health. You might start a medical treatment which could change the way you think about nutrition.  Improving and perfecting the way you fuel your body will be one of your main interests this Thursday. Someone might help you learn easy new recipes with nutritive ingredients and a low-calorie count.

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