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Freedom will help you enjoy love - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, December 18, 2020

Now is the time to achieve your life's dreams, sing, dance, enjoy...


The moon in Aquarius represents great tension at Scorpio’s home.

Aquarius is a sign that challenges your sign due to its levity and ability to detach itself from things that hold it back from its need from freedom.  When the moon is placed here, it can push you to extraordinary and unusual actions.

The upside of this moon is that it can help you break out of a situation that had been keeping you shackled at home, or in an unhappy relationship.

Aquarius and its lunar energy will give you the freedom you need to pursue your desire and to achieve the changes you need in your emotional world.

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Many professional matters will progress thanks to the promising action of Mars in Aries, which pushes you to changes which you’ll enjoy due to its intensity and speed. Mercury in conjunction with the sun in Sagittarius will form a part of this movement, which will bring great financial benefits for many Scorpios.

If you need help, the best thing will be to look for business partners, people who wish to embark on this adventure with you. And who are familiar with the technical side of things to find solutions to problems you can’t tackle. This way you’ll have more time to make changes which improve your performance at work.

If you’re looking for a job, today you have a negative disposition so you should stay at home, this planetary influence will be short-lived. Tomorrow will be another day.


Perhaps you should think about practising sports or doing artistic activities, if you're not already doing so, this way you’ll improve your health.

 Don’t let time keep passing you by without at least spending a few hours a week doing something that makes you happy.

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