Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Creating will be a priority - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Focus on that which makes you feel good and turn to your creative mission


The moon approaches the sun in Leo and the new moon takes place.  The presence of Mercury in good cosmic relation with the stars, favours communication. It’s a good moment to express your feelings for your family with precise words while, at the same time, listening intelligently to the answers you receive. Although you’re likely to reply from a childish or guarded position, staying objectively will be very positive for you.

All Scorpios are going through one of the most incredible moments of their lives. You have a lot to analyse under this proud moon where creativity and beauty are highlighted.  You’ll be able to associate ideas and feeling, and to show great maturity in matters of the heart.

Scorpio, the stars orient you so you can find creative solutions to romantic or emotional problems.


Who could stop you when you receive all the energy of the new moon in your professional area? There are no obstacles which can halt your progress when you set your mind to it. Your potential and willpower are the pillars which support your power.

If you’ve allowed yourself to be carried away by gossip and rumours which made you fear for your position at work, you’ll breathe easy once more, you’ll confirm the rumours are false and your fears unfounded.

You’ll pour yourself into your work filled with confidence. Forget those malicious people who have disturbed you with their lies and keep moving forward with optimism and joy.

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The care you proffer to your body will report quick results if they’re things which enhance your vitality.

The changes you’ve made will yield results which will motivate you to keep going with your action plan. Soon you’ll only go to the doctor for routine check-ups. You’ll feel the satisfaction of giving yourself the love you need in order to feel good.

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