Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

You deserve a special gift - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, October 17, 2020

You've worked so hard that you deserve to treat yourself to something new, different and special


Today you might be starting a new friendship, but make no mistake, you might be falling in love without noticing it.  There are many times where you would like to fool yourself and think that you’re just friends, but you’ll discover you can share your ideals and thoughts with that special person and love will filter in through the cracks little by little.

You’ll have to express through words your ability to love, and you’ll have to explain something you’d rather show through actions. You need to be more tender and loving and, even if it’s hard, you’ll be able to create a more favourable expression. Learning to express your feelings is something that isn’t so simple, but Mercury retrograde in your sign will be of great help.


If you have your own business, you’ll feel like it’s time to pick the fruits of your hard work and you’ll want to invest some of it on treating yourself a little.

This Saturday you’re likely to get swept up in consumerism and you might buy a garment or item which you don’t need, but which you want to possess. You deserve it, Scorpio. It’s not a bad thing, unless you had a pile of debt and you’d rather put that money away to protect your future.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 11. A powerful number which can five you the best or the worst of lucks, it will depend on your way of seeing life. Look for the optimism within you.

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Perhaps you’ll want to spend a part of your day looking after yourself. You’ll be able to acknowledge your body’s needs, come down to earth, feeling each muscle and become aware of every fibre of your being.

On a mental level, you need to rest from so much worry and difficulties. Reading a good book or having a friendly chat that makes you dream of other worlds or fantastic stories will also be good.