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Your Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Scorpio, don't be discouraged by frustrating expectations


Scorpio, it seems that the guy who seemed perfect for you actually spends all day playing video games. It's not that you don't like this hobby, but you feel that if he loves spending time with video games, maybe in the long run he could end up neglecting you.

Although you've had a hard time getting close to him, now that you know what he spends his free time doing, you could feel ignored. Today's Horoscope knows you are afraid that the hours you spend together will end up being spent on the console.


The Daily Horoscope will make you take a much more defensive and conservative stance with regard to your finances today, Scorpio.

Now that you see yourself with money that you have fought for tooth and nail you don't want it to go down the drain for just any whim.

If you don't want saving money to become an obsession, plan your expenses for the month.

Perhaps this will help you cope with the responsibility of having money in the bank.


Scorpio, you could be feeling demotivated today. Those interviews aren't going well and your mood could be slightly dampened.

On the other hand, although things aren't going to get back on track at work, it's a good time for creative activities.

Your Horoscope today recommends that you  paint or draw if you feel inspired. It can help you to calm your head  and look to the future with different eyes.

The stars have endowed you with an artistic ability that you should take advantage of.


You must overcome the taboo of going to a psychologist, Scorpio. Your mental health is as important as your cardiovascular health.

Just as you're not afraid to visit a nutritionist, you shouldn't be afraid of visiting a professional  of the mind.

Your Horoscope sees changes in you that may overwhelm you today, but which you can overcome with the help of focused thinking.

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