Scorpio Wednesday on a sky brackground

Give yourself time to enjoy - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Thanks to life lessons and experience, your erotic and sensual nature unfolds freely and happily


Today there’ll be a conjunction between the moon in Lilith and both of them in your opposite, complementary sign, Taurus. You can expect this tense influence in all aspects of your emotional life; especially female Scorpios will be subjected to a sort of contradiction between the mandate to appear gentle and sensitive, and a sense of exasperation because of their daily chores and the weight they have on your love life.

Those born in the third decan of Scorpio will tend to enjoy the pleasure of love without too much demand or restrictions.

At home or in your family life you might go through a change you weren’t expecting, and which might put you through a lot of strain. You’ll have to face a new responsibility you weren’t ready for, and it will feel like a restriction or difficulty that will affect other areas of your life.

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The astral flows invite you to change in many ways the way you express yourself at work. Perhaps the time has come to start from scratch in a new activity. Perhaps you’ll have to look for a new home to rent or buy. If you’re self-employed, it’s time to set up a website or, perhaps, be more active on social media, which is an efficient way of promoting what you do at a low cost.

Your professional matters might improve noticeably, although achieving results might take a bit longer than you’d like.


Saturn in a tense aspect with your sun has taught you some lessons these past few days and, for this reason, you’ll respect your physical and emotional needs, and you’ll eat and drink in moderation.

Each minute of wellbeing is a celebration you shouldn’t overlook.

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