Scorpio Horoscope Friday 2020

When you imagine the worst you waste time - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, July 17, 2020

Strange thoughts might drain your energy and robar tu energía y no te serviría de nada más que para sufrir en vano


When you read a sad novel or listen to sad news it’s not surprising that your very foundations are shaken. It’s at that moment when you realize your whole world could disappear in a second.  Your loved ones, your friends and you are so fragile and vulnerable that you know every second you get is a treasure.

Don’t get carried away by fear thinking of things that haven't happened, give your heart to the love of those who are with you, knowing that you only have the present moment, Scorpio.

Perhaps you’re having to keep your bond alive through video calls or written messages, don’t worry, if your love could be measured in metres, you’d have thousands of kilometres of love. You’ll feel there are no differences between you and the other person, that you’re united by an invisible rope that keeps you together in spite of the distance.


You’ll have a lot to do and you’ll feel vigorous and efficient in your professional life. You’re being challenged by destiny to expose your strength and your ability to work hard. You’ll be a role model for your colleagues, who will admire your courage and persistence.

This Friday’s lucky number for the children of Pluto is 19. A magical number which represents the power of the sun, the being and the light that transcends everything. Lean on this energy to fulfil your dreams.


When it comes to the health of Scorpio, the stars show a tendency to problems with dry skin on their face and lips. Perhaps exposure to the elements will affect you, or you might suffer with a tendency to allergic reactions which appear on your skin. Some skincare products use ingredients which aren't entirely good for your health. If your skin is sensitive to certain substances perhaps you should pay more attention when buying skincare products.