Boundless energy and vitality - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, January 17, 2021

It will be important to be careful with the way you manifest your strength and energy, if you want to avoid problems


Dreams are meant to be achieved, Scorpio. Today the moon in Pisces joins the enveloping energy of Neptune in the same sign, and favours achieving the dreams of all those who were born in the third decan.

Love is an excellent playing field when you open up to change and surprises. You’ll want to discover new ways of giving love to those around you, and to experience the joy of being a part of your partner’s story.

You’ll have a beautiful day in the company of your little ones. Your love for children will grow and you’ll enjoy their games and company. Mars in a good aspect enhances your qualities and makes you appear very sensual. Today you’re likely to start new romantic adventures. Anything you start today will be sustained throughout time.

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Focus on your financial goals in order to avoid wasting time and energy. Being disorganized and getting carried away by gossip and conspiracy theories will do nothing more than prove them right.

This Sunday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 19. In the Taros this number represents the arcana “The Sun” and it invites you to bet on your dreams and leave fear behind. All is possible if you trust your perception.

If you’re currently unemployed you should seek the guidance of a friend, they will introduce you to a new way of making money. The digital market offers novel products and services and deploying your intelligence in this field could be great for your future.


When you’re just starting to work out and exercise, you can injure yourself.  Your muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage are very exposed to different aggressions which can happen when you start workout routines. Mars in conjunction with Taurus brings an overwhelming energy which you’ll have to keep at bay.

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