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Your Scorpio Horoscope for December 17th

Your Scorpio prediction for Saturday, December 17th, 2022

Scorpio, cherish optimistic ideas and banish those that make you suffer. Today's Horoscope wants to help you to be more vital, do you dare?


The Horoscope for Scorpio recommends you mature a little more if you want your partner to stay with you forever. Years go by, and you still think as you did back then.

Your partner sometimes feels that they need to live with higher standards. Is it possible that you're getting stuck?

If you're single, you might be feeling more vulnerable than usual. You've had several rejections in a row that make you doubt your attractiveness.

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Scorpio, your Prediction warns you that perhaps getting too close to your goal could make you unusually dizzy.

You've fought to be at this point in your financial journey, and you can't throw it all away out of fear.

Keep that number in your account until the deadline for enrolling in that course opens.

If you're not doing so well financially, you might want to stay away from the game rooms.


The Scorpio Horoscope points out that this Saturday is an unadvisable day to embark on new work adventures.

It's best to keep working on what you have in hand now, as it'll soon bear fruit. Look for your own luck without comparing yourself to colleagues.


You're the perfect antidote to a bad mood. A friend needs you to help them end the day laughing out loud.

Only you know how to get them to laugh without thinking about it.


Scorpio, the positive energy you give off not only benefits those close to you, it also benefits you.

You smile in such a pure way that even the cells of your body seem divinely protected from illness. You can't be beaten at the game of optimism.