The Scorpio sign with a purple background

Your happiness depends on your attitude - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, December 17, 2020

Many work-related matters resurface from the past, bringing pleasant surprises


How much passion and strong emotions you can create in your partner when you touch the depths of their heart with sensuality and affection, Scorpio.

If you’re single, you shouldn't miss on the opportunity we’ve been waiting for so long.  You should pay no mind to gossip, love has a life of its own, it can only be experienced and felt.

The planetary aspects influencing your sign show that you might have some problems due to criticism of your choice of partner. Allowing this energy to dispel your happiness would be to lose your personal power. Strengthening your feelings beyond everything and everyone will be what helps you grow and evolve.

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Pluto is still in sextile to your sun and, for this reason, you might rethink your professional position with very little effort.

Many projects you had abandoned due to lack of confidence in your own ideas might resurface today, as you have a very good planetary energy in favour of your financial situation. You’ll expand your business world through a more modern and innovative vision. You’ll start changing your ideas about the meaning of work and money. New changes appear before your eyes, Scorpio.

You might receive a pay rise or new benefits. Perhaps someone will repay an old debt which you thought was lost for good. The unexpected arrival of money will help you tidy up your accounts.

This Thursday’s lucky number is 13. A magical number of change and revolution in all aspects. A number that many people fear, which has a great rapport with your sign. A symbol of resurrection and inner strength.


The moon in conjunction with Saturn indicates a tendency to back pain, lower-back pain, sciatic nerve pain or other discomforts for Scorpio.  Look after your posture and learn some yoga.

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