Scorpio Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Your professional performance will be outstanding - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Look after your emotional life even if you're very busy. Life is fleeting and you might lose your centre


Scorpio, your feeling of superiority with your partner isn’t the best thing to offer and you know it.  Your tendency towards pride won’t help your relationship recover, on the contrary, it creates a bigger rift each day. Love needs to be looked after every day, and your manners might be abrupt or unpleasant because you lose yourself in daily problems which have nothing to do with feelings. Leave your problems aside.

If you’ve separated from someone you’d like to spend your life with, now’s the time to get them back, Scorpio, if you let too much time pass they might no longer be available or interested when you decide to take action.


Pride is a typical characteristic of your sign, but, in this occasion, it won’t be a defect but rather the consequence of so much affection and respect at work.

The moon from Virgo in a harmonious relation with your sign helps you and gives you the focus and meticulousness you need to execute everything you planned to.

Do you feel like everything seems to be going slower in your climbing of the professional ladder? Maybe, but at least you’re climbing slowly but surely, and this is better than rushing forwards to then come tumbling down. Trust in the universe which protects you from bad energies and mistakes.

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The stars indicate some difficulties in terms of your health today. You have a marked tendency to let yourself get carried away by dark or depressing thoughts which won’t help you at all. It will be very important that you don’t let yourself be dragged by your tendency to addictions. Sugar, videogames, alcohol or drugs are very negative escape routes, Scorpio.