Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

You'll use your wit - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, July 16, 2020

If you take changes in your stride, you'll win more than you'll lose


You’ve learned from past experiences the rift that lack of love and mistrust creates. For this reason, Scorpio, today you’ll make a lot of effort to get over a negative idea about a dearly beloved.

You’ll be surprised to discover the truth about an important matter in the life of a relative. You’ve dreamed with images of happiness and harmony which you’ll see reflected in your life. You might have to pay no mind to some friends who will try to warn you about dangers which aren’t real. Detach yourself from that today, and don’t keep mulling over an idea of your romantic life which is completely illogical.

True friendship is different from what you get from people who are only trying to make you feel like rubbish.  Get rid of those toxic friendships.


It’s a perfect day. You have a day full of beneficial planetary aspects ahead of you.  You can close the final details on a very important matter for you.

Your professional growth depends on your being open to change and flexible, ready to go with the flow.

You’ll have to show your quick wit, intelligence and skill which can increase your professionalism.

It’s not a good day to request loans or mortgages. If you have to refinance a debt with a bank, avoid doing it today.

Although the stars are well positioned for the children of Pluto, today loans might present unexpected difficulties.


The stars bring a combination of aspects which aren’t very beneficial.  A series of discomforts might develop throughout the day and you can’t seem to feel fully well. You might suffer a neuralgia in your face or neck which will be very annoying. You’ll have pain here and there and, in truth, it’s all caused by this state of tension that you can't overcome.