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Your Scorpio Horoscope for January 16th

Your Scorpio prediction for Monday, January 16th, 2023

Scorpio, your Daily Horoscope encourages you to stop living so closed in on yourself and open up to the world. Read on and find out how the stars can help you in your day.


The Scorpio Horoscope advises you to take advantage of the opportunity you'll have to spend the day in your partner's arms. This type of opportunity has been in short supply in recent months, and it's breaking your deep bond. Spending time with each other is the best way to rekindle the flames of romance.

If you haven't found love yet, you should learn to look inside yourself. You're too picky and that always works against you when you meet somebody.

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Scorpio, you'll be criticized today for spending so much money on whims. This can put you in a bad mood, because, deep in your heart, you know that you should control yourself more. Your finances aren't going through the best of times, and you're not helping them to recover either.

If, on the other hand, you're having a great time financially, maybe you can finally afford to buy that car.


Mistakes are made too often in your work team, but you don't always have to take responsibility for them.

Scorpio, you're a great leader, but the unexpected always pops up where you least expect it. Assume that perfection is impossible, and let those in your charge take their share of responsibility.


Your friends will give you some criticism that you should accept willingly. They're right, and rejecting them could alienate you from them.


The Prediction for Scorpio indicates that it's time to think about some dieting. You're going to get on the scale, and you'll notice the change in weight after the holidays.

By controlling your diet and accompanying these efforts with some sport, you'll soon regain your usual weight. Don't torture yourself in the meantime.