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Your desires will soon manifest - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, January 16, 2021

Your willpower requires daily training and a slip up should not be considered a defeat


The moon in a sign of your same element proposes an affable atmosphere, full of kindness and good moments in your relationship, Scorpio.

For many Scorpios, the time has come to turn their emotional matters around and to start a phase where their commitment to themselves marks their actions.

It’s an important time for Scorpios: especially if you’re single, you’ll have before you a chance to abruptly change your marital status.

You’ll be very sensitive to the way your loved ones treat you, and they don’t always behave towards you the way you’d like, but either way this is only temporary and you shouldn’t allow it to damage your relationship.

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What you want to do will soon come. While the change you long for comes, you can take care of the matters that depend solely on you.

You have a lot to do and you should get to work and prepare the details that require your attention, and which you can under no circumstances delegate to others.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 10. A magical number which reminds you of the influence of the wheel of destiny, in the tarot it shows your ability to evolve and adapt to the future. Revitalize the energy of the 10 in order to move forward with your financial matters.


Today you might feel that your willpower to take care of yourself crumbles to the ground. The lack of motivation might cause you emotional discomfort and some guilt. It’s a good time to be kind to yourself and to have another go at that change you wish to make. If you’ve already thought about it, then you’ve already done half the work.

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