Scorpio Tuesday on a sky background

You'll enjoy wholeheartedly - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, February 16, 2021

If you can, don't miss out on going out with friends, some laughter and fun will do you a world of good


Scorpio, with the moon entering your opposite complementary sign, Taurus, your love life becomes sweeter and more peaceful. You need to leave your differences behind and enjoy a tender day with your partner.

You’ll feel a breath of fresh air which promises a new way of loving, a new air of trust in the future and optimism fills your soul and allows you to communicate and give yourself to the other person more openly and honestly.

The astral position guarantees being able to enjoy physical pleasures without any issues. Getting together for dinner and then enjoying a starry night can be the delightful and perfect components for a date this Tuesday.

If you’re single, you might bump into love where you least expect it. If they invite you to a reunion with friends, you should accept.

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Today the stars bring Scorpios a tendency to get carried away by their imminent needs and this can be great for many who will have the support of their loved ones during an important financial situation.

Negativity in your professional life isn’t something you can avoid, but you can ignore all the malicious comments and pay no attention to those people who want to destroy your work with fallacies about your work. If you need to, defend yourself, Scorpio.


It’s a great day for those who seek emotional balance. If you get carried away by your feelings and think less, you’ll be in great health. The moon in Taurus invites you to connect with every one of your senses throughout the day. You’ll enjoy every small detail and you’ll be happy to be alive. There’s a lot to enjoy right now if you stop to live in the present. Let go of the past and of the future.

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