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Your Scorpio Horoscope for December 16th

Your Scorpio prediction for Friday, December 16th, 2022

Scorpio, you're at a time of intense learning. Read your prediction. The stars will bring you joy.


The Scorpio Horoscope reminds you that it's only worth entering a new phase if you do so with a clear conscience. You have to lay your cards on the table before unhappiness hunts you down, because guilt won't go away easily.

Take steps in the right order and don't forget honesty at any time. You should have a lot of respect for what you've experienced so far in your relationship.

If you're single, today you'll feel the pages of the calendar turning. You miss feeling the support of a steady partner more and more.

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Scorpio, your Prediction warns that you're going to be asked for a favor. It won't be free, as it'll come from a friend who's been giving you a lot of financial support for some time.

Match their generosity with your own; it's only fair. This will please the universe, which will activate its devices to benefit you soon.

If your financial situation doesn't allow you to meet this request, bad luck will follow you for a while.


Peace of mind has settled in your professional career. Scorpio, this translates into some very significant advances in your work environment.

It seems that a promotion is on the cards in your company, and it could be you who enjoys it.


Remember that your circle of friends acts as a home to always come back to. They have that magical power to solve problems.


Today's Scorpio Horoscope promises good news for your health, as you'll continue to be able to sleep through the night in one go. This means you'll wake up more rested and with energy to allow you to do whatever you set your mind to.

This is the battery supplement your body needed to reach your goals.