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You'll learn about your motivations - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, December 16, 2020

You're going through a very active period of the year which can cause a lot of stress


If you’re capable of giving all your love, you’ll receive great surprises and joys.  Scorpio, it won’t be an average day for you, Venus has left your sign, but not without leaving a trail of positive lessons which you’ll be able to use in order to make your relationship grow.

Single Scorpios might have to put up with someone they barely know emitting judgement on their casual relationships, but they shouldn’t get angry, there’s no point explaining yourself. Some people are very different from you and you shouldn't play their games. The moon in Capricorn might bring conversations regarding moral matters and social habits which must be changed.

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Reality appears complex as, on the one hand, you're facing great challenges in your daily life, while you’ll encounter many opportunities that you’ll want to seize in your financial life.

You have great personal power which you can use today to face many difficulties today.  The moon approaches the celestial giants, Saturn and Jupiter, and it will bring transformations in your business matters: sales and real-estate transactions can yield surprising results.

Those born in the third decan are being stimulated by the planetary aspects to change their philosophy of life. If you don’t give in to change, you’ll feel at a loss.

Today Venus enters your astrological area of finances, and especially favours those born in the first decan.


You need to change your work methodology, Scorpio.  Your professional and personal lives are leading you down a path of pure adrenaline.

Rest and moderation aren’t optional, on the contrary, they’re essential. Dim the lights in your room so you can produce sufficient melatonin, turn off the television and your phone, and go to sleep earlier. Respecting your circadian rhythm will increase your resilience to illness and ailments.

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