Scorpio Monday on a sky background

Your goal will be to offer more freedom - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, March 15, 2021

You won't lose those you love if you show them that you trust that your feelings go both ways


Your love life will oscillate between arguments and spectacular intimate encounters. This way of interacting might destabilize you and make you doubt you partner’s love.

Your sign usually appears dominant or, at least, possessive of those they love. Many children of Scorpio feel that if they lose control over others, they’ll stop loving them, when this isn’t the case.

Your wisdom is great, Scorpio, and what appears to be a trait of immaturity, is nothing but fear of an often turbulent past. You’ve suffered and, for this reason, you need to gain security. Talk about this with your partner so they can help you. The challenge today is to learn to trust and to free the person you love.  

Freedom will be the lesson and single Scorpios who are seeking love could strive to find a new beginning in this area of their lives.

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It’s a good day for professional matters. The general situation makes you manifest your power and ability to work hard and without a break. Thanks to your prudence you’ll achieve benefits which will be tangible in your near future thanks to the certitude of your steps.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 13. This number of great power is very controversial, as it has a reputation for bringing back luck, and it is linked to change.  You want to build a more pragmatic basis and your achievements will give you security in the future.


Your health and wellbeing will be affected by your mood. Your feelings might get the better of you. Ty to get rid of the emotional discomfort that troubles you. A chat with a close friend or relative you trust might soothe you heart. You’ll see that your fears dissolve with a friendly gaze and a smile.

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