Positive encounters bring benefits - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, June 15, 2020

An important person in your professional life will give you magical and surprising health

There is a motto in astrology that says, "Universal judgement overrides individual judgement". In these agitated days when the world is uniting to fight the pandemic, read our prediction carefully but always be aware of the indications of the authorities.


It’s a steamy day where Scorpios will feel their hearts overflowing with passion and jealousy will alter their way of expressing themselves.

It’s important that you restrain yourself, Scorpio. Under no circumstances are you to go through your partner’s pockets or steal their social network passwords. You know well that you should do unto others are you’d have done unto you and violating someone’s privacy is something that you wouldn’t forgive anyone. Put yourself in the other person’s position and trust them.

Love is not a fight nor a competition. Show empathy for the other person’s needs and you’ll see you’ll gain a lot more than you’ll lose.

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This Monday you’ll have a successful professional meeting with someone you feel affections for, and whom you respect.  A relationship that has been a great support for you and which can provide great support for your growth in the future.

The stars especially favour those born in the second Decan, who will be able to enjoy the agility that Mercury gives them from the sign of Cancer, which will favour them in all matters linked to contracts, sales and communications. If you wait.


Your body might be suffering the side effects from too much eating and drinking during the weekend.   Perhaps you’ve drunk too much and feel unwell due to an overexerted liver, even if you’ve just finished medical treatment with antibiotics, you might feel awful.

Headaches caused by digestive problems might make things hard for you this Monday. Drink plenty of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning, and you’ll alkalinize your stomach, boosting detox functions.