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Your Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Friday, July 15, 2022

Scorpio, if you want to get different results, you need to radically change your habits


Scorpio, your Horoscope encourages you to leave them. And much more than that. If you can, get them out of your life as much as possible, whatever it costs you.

They're cheating on you, they're bragging about it to their friends. Worst of all, you let them do it out of pity, because you never thought they could be so cruel to you. Put an end to it by bringing out all your pride and self-respect.

Make it clear that no one is going to laugh at you.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, you can now see what the future holds for you in today's Love Horoscope


The Daily Horoscope predicts that your boss is about to give you a significant raise in salary, Scorpio. This will make you take a new look at a trip you're about to take. Today, this extra money will come in handy to face this critical period of inflation we're going through.

This income brings with it the hopes of a change for the better, an approach to how you want to live. Make the most of this to do what you've always wanted to do.


Scorpio, the Horoscope encourages you to think that optimism and good humour are fundamental tools in all regards. If you know how to apply it at work, it'll have a positive effect on many basic aspects such as dealing with the public.

You have a beautiful smile and they all deserve to see it. Don't hide it and accompany it with kind words towards those who want to work with you. You'll soon see that these issues are not anecdotal: friendliness helps to sell.


Today you should  do your best to limit the hours you spend glued to the television, Scorpio. Also, get rid of the packets of crisps that are always there when you lie on the sofa. You need to bring about a radical change of habit or you're going to find that your doctor will call you with some pretty bad news.