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You're about to find a way out - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, January 15, 2021

Many of your rapport problems might dissipate with some calm and a desire to listen to others


Scorpio, it you get overwhelmed when sharing your feelings through words, this will probably lead to a situation where you’ll make your rapport worse rather than better. If you appear cautious, you’ll avoid a big problem with your partner. You shouldn’t let your tongue loose today, the presence of Mercury in Aquarius, in conjunction with Jupiter, could negatively affect your sign when it comes to expressing your feelings or trying to put your need for freedom and personal space into words.

You’ll want to expand your ideas and horizons, and family life might make you feel overwhelmed or short of time to live your own life.

Younger Scorpios might find themselves involved in arguments with their parents which will make them feel misunderstood and limited.

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Your professional matters will go well.  Thanks to the astral configurations that will arise today, we foresee a powerful energy of prosperity and abundance.

A good job opportunity that you’re waiting for will arrive, and it requires you to handle these matters tactfully and discreetly. Try to have a low profile today.

This recommendation is especially aimed at those born in the first decan, who will be more influenced by Mars and Uranus in opposition to the sun.

If you feel you need to, buy an amulet. An elephant for good luck can ward off negativity whole, at the same time, attract abundance. There are ivory, quartz, fabric ones, big and small, what characterizes them is their trunk pointing upwards towards the sky.


With such a day, getting to night-time without a headache will be tough, your anxiety will be extreme and you’ll want to stop thinking. Nothing better than a good book or a visit to the cinema to clear your mind.

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