Scorpio Monday on a sky background

Control your impulses - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, February 15, 2021

The nature of your personality will be highlighted by Mars's rebellious and explosive power, in a bad cosmic aspect


You’re undoubtedly capable of giving yourself wholly and passionately when you fall in love. When you love someone, you give yourself fully and you expect the same thing in return, but you can’t trust that other people will behave like you When you do this, you expose yourself to disillusion and disappointment, which doesn’t help your relationship at all, Scorpio.

If you’re unreceptive to the other person’s way of loving, you won’t achieve anything good, and you’ll miss out on the opportunity to spend a romantic day. On the contrary, you’ll create an even bigger rift.

If you’re a single Scorpio, the stars show a chance of becoming involved with someone adventurous, carefree and cheerful, who will help you open up to feelings you’d forgotten existed.

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It’s not a good day to quit your job or change careers. When it comes to changing the course of your current work life, you’re likely to get carried away by your impulses and not make a good decision, and this, sooner or later, will have consequences on your material life.

If you control your negativity and your tendency to suspect everything and everyone, you know you can succeed in everything you set out to and, for this reason, you tend to trust your luck.

You might have to face an unexpected expense for your home. Don’t worry, you can trust that everything will go better than expected when it comes to your money.


Don’t try to take on more than you can handle, delegating tasks will make all the difference today. The stars aren’t well disposed when it comes to your physical integrity. Lilith in conjunction with Uranus might play you a nasty trick, and make you suffer a small injury.

Be careful with cuts and small accidents at home.

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