Scorpio Horoscope Monday 2020

Tender sensuality touches your soul - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, September 14, 2020

Trust that destiny will take you to the place where you'll find the love and joy you long for


The Zodiac alignments show a predisposition towards sensuality and tenderness in your relationships this Monday.  Your loving skills and knowledge will help you start a romantic bond or to strengthen it.

In terms of your emotional life, supporting yourself on those who love you is important for you right now. Especially on your family, who support you as much as possible.

In terms of those Scorpios who have recently moved in with their partners, they’ll have the same goals and they’ll keep their shared life in mind at all times right now, as things will flow without problems. 

Those who are currently single will have growing confidence in the power of destiny which will lead them to find love.


Today you receive help from a partner or colleague. An adorable person who will take into account your kindness and your ability to gather all the best people in your field.

Many of those you work with admire you, and they’ll tell you so.  It will be very gratifying for you to hear first-hand how highly they think of your work. Enjoy this pleasant and calm day. The stars will push you to new paths in this special moment.

This Monday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 9. This is a magical number which brings wisdom into your material life, and which will help you strengthen your willpower.

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Your health is good; however, you might have a day of great sensitivity to loud noises and fluorescent lighting.

If you can, avoid shopping malls, public offices and all areas that are bound to be crowded.

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