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Your Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Saturday, May 14, 2022

Scorpio, humility is a trait that never goes out of fashion


Scorpio, today's Horoscope has advice for you if you feel you can't open up about yourself, your worries and your desires.

You need to find out, as soon as possible, the reason for this. It might be hard to find those you can trust. Or maybe you just need to lose the fear of feeling that you are annoying them with your problems.

Trust your prediction for today:  you have great friends who will be happy to listen to you.


The Daily Horoscope knows how much you enjoy spending time with those you love, Scorpio. Unfortunately, having free time for a few drinks at the bar with your friends and earning enough money to do so are circumstances that are almost always difficult to reconcile.

Try to find a job that allows you to live and save money, without giving up those great times of laughter and conversation with your friends. You can't stay shut up at home to avoid spending.


Scorpio, at work, your Horoscope indicates that you'll have to learn to and make prudence your ally. When you confront a colleague with a task he or she has done wrong, try to think about it as much as you can.

It could be that the problem is yours, that you don't have the necessary knowledge to understand the solution they have given you. If you don't see how they've done the task,  ask in a modest and humble way. It's much better not to create tension or bad feeling.


Your daily horoscope knows very well, that  today is a good day to break with routine, Scorpio. 

You can finally sign up for that painting course or look on the Internet to find out where to sign up for that skydiving session.

Your heart, your brain and your muscles will rejuvenate thanks to the powerful serotonin rush this will give you.

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