The sign of Scorpio with a purple starred background

Changes at home favour you - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, March 14, 2021

It's a good moment to observe the way your mind influences your body, so you can maintain your balanced health


Lilith in Taurus keeps waging war against your sign.  When this point in the Zodiac is positioned this way, it brings an excess of unrest which you can use in your favour to transfer many of your emotional matters.

The anguish of feeling your love is being lost, and jealousy over third parties might cause strong conflicts where you’ll have to learn to change your point of view on certain matters plagued by ghosts of the past, in order to clear the way for a clearer and happier present.

Scorpio, it will be up to your judgement to be able to shed light on these matters which are subject to conditioning which has no correlation with the moment you’re currently going through in your life.

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Venus in Pisces keeps favouring the achievement of many of Scorpio’s goals. If you work in the arts or leisure, you’re in luck.

Those born in the third decan will be favoured by the planetary influence of Jupiter and will make great home improvements. Changing furniture, doing home improvement, getting new appliances, these are all ways in which this beneficial energy can manifest.

Destiny might put you between a rock and a hard place, and you’ll shave to accept that sharing your life and possessions with others might be what you need for your personal growth and happiness. Even with people whom you don’t particularly like.


The health of Scorpio is excellent this Sunday.  The good energy in the atmosphere and the happiness of seeing your own personal progress will improve your biorhythm and favour your physical harmony. Your blood pressure, breathing, the relaxed expression of your face can say a lot about it. Pay attention to this.

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