Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You'll receive great business news - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, July 14, 2020

If you were negotiating the sale of a property, you'll receive great news about it


Your bond with your partner becomes stronger when you see yourself reflected in their eyes like two drops of pure love, or when you hear their familiar voice over the phone asking you how much longer until you see each other again.

You can expect the best in romance and romantic relationships this Tuesday. Understanding will be the star of the day.

If you're single, you’ll meet the gaze of someone you’re besotted with, and you’ll be surprised by the synchronicity of their seductive energy. It’s as if they had been waiting for this moment. A spark might ignite, bringing great promises for their emotional future, Scorpio.


If you have to sign contracts or start a new work or professional cycle, today’s the perfect day for it.

All activities linked to commerce, communications and paperwork will benefit from the moon in Taurus and by the presence of Venus in Gemini. If you’re trying to close a real estate deal you might receive news today.

Don’t rule out starting that project you've had in mind for a while. A business partner or your spouse will firmly support you. Considering a career change might make you feel spiritually renewed. Trying to reach new goals is part of what your soul needs.

The moon in Taurus today is combined with Uranus in transit and this can cause a lot of instability in your resources. It will also lend you its energy to help rebuild yourself in many aspects of your social life.

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Mars and Uranus might indicate a tendency to health problems linked to your nervous system and to crises linked to your handling of nerves and anxiety, Scorpio.

There’s a lot you have to learn from this astral movement, managing your feelings properly will help keep your health balanced.