Moving away from arguments will avoid greater conflicts - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, January 14, 2021

Tempers will be flaring in your personal life. Take a step back and you'll find peace


The astral tendency shows a possibility of experiencing intense situations at home, you might have a problem which keeps you on your toes, but the painful moments are being dissipated thanks to Jupiter in Aquarius. The danger might be in being overconfident in your ability to pay attention and contain others without taking into consideration that your responsibilities might require more time than you expected.

Scorpios who are ending a marriage might be affected by arguments or problems of different nature.  Everything has an end, but this doesn’t have to happen in a feisty and aggressive environment. Scorpio, saying goodbye to a relationship in a loving manner will clear the way to a future free of old sorrows.

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It’s a good time to tidy up your domestic finances. Sorting out your ideas in all aspects might bring new material possibilities or professional opportunities into your life which you could have never imagined.

The presence of Venus in Capricorn expedites all paperwork for your sign. If you’re in the middle of a bureaucratic or legal procedure, it is likely to be concluded and you’ll be free from having to spend time on this matter.

You’re going through a good moment where anything you set your mind to will be easier than other times. Make the most of this opportunity to set a project you’ve been thinking of for years into motion. Don’t let the lucky energy brought to you by the stars pass you by, Scorpio.


You're before a clear increase of your biorhythm thanks to the favourable impulse of Mars, especially if you were born in the first decan.

If the scales show you’ve put on weight, you’ll be able to easily fix it by paying more attention to your diet over the next few days.

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