The Scorpio sign

What's most important in your life? - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, December 14, 2020

The eclipse invites you to value your time and good disposition towards others


It’s a very convoluted day on an energy level, and you might have to experience some problems in your environment which, although they won’t affect you directly, might make your life difficult indirectly.

Tempers will be somewhat flaring, and words might be misunderstood, so you should try to avoid complex conversations.

If you can support your partner through their processes it will be great for both of you, but if you feel there’s something beyond what you’re willing to give, then you’re likely to have to accept your limitations and take a step back.

If you’re a single Scorpio, the day will elapse without major surprises when it comes to your love life.

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When it comes to your financial life, you’re facing a matter that which change the way you perceive reality. It might be a deep change in your financial situation.

Don’t expect help from your allies right now. You’ll struggle to get out of this pickle where money is at the forefront, and where it would seem that nothing you do is enough.

If your debs or fixed expenses seem to be drowning you, then the time may have come to make a change in your finances, but also in your system of values.

Do you value your time?  You might acknowledge that you need to change some of your ideas about money. You’ll have to answer some questions.


It’s a good day to clean your spaces.  You must make room for new things to come into your lie, this includes all areas of it, from your relationships to your living spaces. However, the most important thing will be to value your body and, for this reason, today the stars influence you in such a way that you’ll value your strength and look after your health.

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