Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You'll need something to ground you - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, October 13, 2020

If you're currently unemployed you're likely to get a job interview today


There’s a Spanish saying that says you shouldn't get married on a Tuesday the 13th, the thing is that this is a day dedicated to the god of war, Mars, and you won’t want to start your married life under this kind of energy. But, generally speaking and aside from popular superstitions, the vibrations this day imprints on people's minds can lead to ugly situations caused mainly by fear.

For this reason, this is mainly a quiet day where you can use the lunar energy in Virgo, which makes you prone to analysis and moments of reflection. The stars advice you not to make big decisions on days like today. The best thing will be to look for a way to leave conversations or chats for another day where the energy is more favourable, and to keep your mind away from romantic concerns today.


If you’re currently unemployed, today you’re likely to get a job interview where you’ll feel overqualified for the position.  You’ll receive acknowledgement for your professional history, and all the efforts you’ve made up until now won’t have been in vain, Scorpio.

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Your nerves might be frayed once you finish work, life’s demands are many and you’ll need something to ground you so you can unload all the negativity in the environment. Do you like plants? Gardening is one of the activities which can help you connect with nature and, thus, leave problems and tensions aside.

You can make a little garden in any place in your home.  There are some really lovely interior plants that don’t affect the oxygen levels in your bedroom, they're called snake plants. You’ll enjoy the greenery and good vibes.

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