The Scorpio sign surrounded by stars

Free your mind from problems - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, March 13, 2021

Many of your problems are caused by the way you perceive the world around you. A change begins today


Don’t be afraid of rejection as, if you’re synchronized with your partner, you’ll see that you’ll end up obtaining what you want. It’s usual for desire not to be at the same level for both parties in a relationship. Routine and worries can lead one of the two to avoid intimate encounters, but you’ll know how to fuel desire with steamy and suggestive words.

Today the astral configurations that inspire love and romance on all zodiac signs stand out, but especially for Scorpios. It’s a happy and sensual day.

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Jupiter in Aquarius will make you enhance the beauty of your home and consider the abundance of decorative resources you have in order to create a masterpiece on a restricted budget. It might be an eccentric pop-art exhibit which will surprise your friends. Prepare to see a picture of your living room on social medial, Scorpio.

Scorpios have a great ability to manage and organize other people’s financial matters, for this reason you might help a friend or relative to manage and sort out their taxes. They’ll thank you for it and will admire your skill.

The lucky number for Scorpio is 17. This number indicates wisdom, new ideas, futuristic visions and advantages in all aspects. You might get carried away by Uranus’s happy vibes and change your daily routine.


If you still don’t do this daily, perhaps the time has come to quieten your mind through meditation.  You don’t need too many resources; a comfortable cushion and a quiet space are the only things you need for this practice. Then you need to close your eyes and free your mind from worries.

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