Scorpio Tuesday on a sky background

Surprises might leave you open-mouthed - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, April 13, 2021

This Tuesday won't go unnoticed by you, a new reality will come to light


This is a special day. It’s Tuesday the 13th and, even if you’re not superstitious, it’s best to be really careful with anything you do this Tuesday.

The astral configurations indicate a tendency to have eccentric and exceptional moments in your love life.

The conjunction of Uranus with the moon in your area of relationships can be explosive for many Scorpios who will face extremely intense situations in their emotional lives.

It might be time to discover a matter that remained hidden, and which suddenly comes to light to be solved. If you discover your partner has cheated, try to be as honest and understanding as possible. You have history to support you and help you understand much of what has happened.

If you’re single, the feelings you harbour within you might crop up like the water from a spring, to cleanse your soul. Many Scorpios are ready today to  to leave their fear of relationships behind.


Mercury in a harmonious aspect with Saturn could favour communications and negotiations. If you’re about to sign papers, contracts, notices or start trials, it’s a good time to shape these matters up, even if it’s not the best day to make moves or close deals.

If you’re looking for a job, the stars favour you.  You’ll be the perfect person a for a job in a company you’d like to work at.

When it comes to money, today is not a good day for loans. Look after your assets.


If you’re awaiting a medical diagnosis, you’re likely to receive it today. If the results seem confusing, you’ll probably need to make an appointment with a different specialist to get a second opinion.

Don’t worry, you have the positive influence of numerous planets in Aries.

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