Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Sweetness at home and success in your projects - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, September 12, 2020

The moon in a water element favours you at home, and brings tender and pleasant feelings


The moon in the sensitive sign of Cancer positively influences your sign through scenes of sweetness and understanding.

Take this astral chance to express your feelings without fear of ridicule or shame and listen to the peaceful song of your soul.

Move towards your goals, Scorpio, you have the key to open up the doors to your heart for someone you like a lot. You’ll live new or extraordinary situations thanks to Uranus in the area relating to the area of relationships.

If you're single, prepare your best outfit, you’ll receive invitations to very interesting social events where you’ll be able to meet wonderful people.


A matter you had been waiting for months chrysalises and gains the significance you wanted, bringing closure into your life.

It won't be long before you see the fruit of your efforts, and you can enjoy them as if they were your own. It’s not just money, but the professional prestige that Venus in Leo gives Scorpios.

You’ll go through a series of changes that will impact your daily life. What you've requested from the Universe will start unfolding before your eyes.

It’s time to thank life for the opportunities you have.

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The current planetary influence is very positive for Scorpio. Looking after your body will be nearly as important as looking after your appearance. The way you look is important, but it’s not always a sign of good health.

If you’re one of those who go days at a time without working out, it’s time to be more constant in your physical exercises. Perhaps you’ve still not found your ideal routine. Try different disciplines until you find one you like.