Scorpio Horoscope Monday 2020

You'll feel between a rock and a hard place - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, October 12, 2020

It's time to confidently pursue your ideas, you'll gain more than you can possibly imagine


For those who are married today is a day where professional duties can cause some arguments or problems at home. It’s the beginning of the week and you know you’re not splitting your time between work and your family well. Going to the shop and cleaning up may have to be left for another day.

Things won’t be much better for the single Scorpios. Someone in your family will demand your attention, and you’ll have to choose between keeping an appointment that you’d been anticipating for days or suspend it. You’ll feel you’re between a rock and a hard place.


If you’re a Scorpio who works for a big company, you’ll notice that the struggle to keep your position safe has become greater, and whether you’re admired of your noble character and professionalism will largely depend on your attitude. If you try to strong arm others, you’ll be sure to lose, Scorpio.

If you're currently unemployed, it’s a great moment to set certain professional plans that you'd left on the back burner into motion. You’re capable of shaping up the plans that will help you achieve your goals. Your pragmatism combined with the astral influences operating in your favor in terms of your dreams and companies will help you success.

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The waning moon is perfect for starting diets and quitting harmful habits.  This Monday’s stars will help you quit smoking, stop eating pastries, lose weight and start changes which represent an effort for your willpower.

In terms of your mental health, it’s a great day to create a list of the small changes which could make your daily routine more pleasant.

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