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Unforgettable caresses - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, March 12, 2021

The New Moon brings new ways of loving into your life, stories that will become imprinted in your memory


This Friday you’ll be surprised to receive unexpected complaints. Someone you hold in very high esteem will complain about something you thought you’d reached an agreement about a long time ago and which, nevertheless, will have to be reviewed in order to achieve peace. Many Scorpios who have been married for a while might suffer some mishaps in terms of their joint finances or regarding an inheritance.

The new moon in Pisces favours Scorpios on matters linked to romances and infatuations. Seduction will be the ideal atmosphere for many in their relationships, they’ll feel as if they were in a passionate film, and they’ll want to experience tangible moments of eroticism and sensitivity.  Touch could be the means through which you’ll communicate with your beloved, who won’t forget your delightful loving skills.

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It’s a perfect day to start companies or launch businesses.  Taking the first steps in an undertaking won’t be a problem this fantastic Friday of the new moon.

If you like, you could do a ritual to have success in all material matters. You can perform rituals with cinnamon, or perhaps you prefer to use the magic of sugar and candles. Use golden objects to bring into your life the money you need. Trust that the Universe is listening to your wishes, to make them come true. Use your personal power to strengthen your desires through your intention.


Today the health of Scorpio will be good overall, although the stars warn you against overexerting yourself. We recommend you rest and eat properly to avoid collapsing before the best part of the day.

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