The Scorpio sign with a blue background

Take a deep breath before you act - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Anger and impatience could lead to you having unnecessary problems and to jeopardize your safety


Feeling proud of your partner will be very important for you, Scorpio. You need to be accompanied by someone sensual who will have all eyes on them while walking through a crowd. For any Scorpio to feel comfortable in their relationship, it’s essential for placidity and joy of living should complement your more dense and Plutonian energy.

Those who are single will be able to deploy their seduction skills before someone they barely know but who they find very attractive. Scorpio, you’re not infallible when it comes to seduction. The arrival of Mars to your opposite complementary sign influences you in such a way that you might appear too aggressive of hyperactive when it comes to romantic matters.

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A brilliant idea will pop into your mind. You’ll feel the influence of Venus and the moon in your area of communication will ease your expression and increase your emotional intelligence, don’t miss out on this energy. You might be before the most interesting business deal you may have been able to close.

Abundance is coming to you from different fronts and the planetary alignments are tipped in your favour in everything linked to paperwork, signing contracts, sales or even short business trips. Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius provides a positive movement for the purchase of houses and for lettings.


Your vitality is blooming thanks to the presence of so many planets in your opposite sign, Taurus. This affects most strongly those born in the first decan. The energy that Uranus and Mars give you can overwhelm you. Be careful with accidents. Scorpio, behaving in a rash and impulsive manner can lead to small bruises and uncomfortable swelling caused by abrupt movements.

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