Scorpio Horoscope for Friday on a universe background

You'll leave pain behind - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, February 12, 2021

Work matters require your unique and creative focus, which will take you to a new dimension


The moon is in the water sign of Pisces. This is a very favourable lunar position for Scorpios when it comes to their matters of their heart.

For those who are in a relationship, this is a good time to deal with forgiveness and healing of the wounds. If you’re one of those who feel something’s missing for them to feel whole, it’s time to stop that very negative tendency. You’re not able to value everything you have which is good for your life, and you’ll cling to thoughts of the past which are distorted by unhappy memories.

It’s the best time to climb the ladder in your pursuit of inner happiness. Not matter the pain or damage you suffered in the past.

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Opportunities for interesting business deals will arise. New paths to travel when it comes to your profession and your professional life.

If you want to move, this is a good day to seek a new home. You can coordinate with various real-estate agencies to do house viewings over the next few days, same if you want to sell your house, the stars indicate a good energy which favours real-estate transactions.

You might want to change your surrounding and you’ll have to live with the difficulty of having to make decisions about it, you’re overwhelmed by expenses and you probably won’t feel happy with what you have now, but you’re also not sure of what’s best for you right now. Wait a few days to make a final decision, for the time being you should do your research.


The stars indicate a tendency to water retention, with its subsequent discomfort. Swelling of your feet, ankles and hands will bother you, especially in the afternoon.

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