The Scorpio sign surrounded by stars

You'll receive a supernatural surprise - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, December 12, 2020

Being generous will become the basis of the abundance during this perfect day


This is a very special day for everyone, especially for Scorpios, it’s an unforgettable day where anything can happen. In the sky at a first glance you might not be able to notice the union of the moon and Venus in your sign, as the former is in its waning phase, but you’ll feel the beauty of what’s invisible and subtle in your soul. Perhaps your partner won’t appear as affectionate as you'd like, either way they’ll appreciate your displays of affection.

If you like surprises, this is your day. You’ll receive so much affection and you’ll vibrate with such harmony that you’ll trust that something is starting to fall into place despite the instability you’ve experienced recently.

For many, it will be an unforgettable Saturday where you’ll receive an unexpected marriage proposal.

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If you can avoid professional matters this Saturday, it would be ideal, as you’ll struggle to focus on practical matters with so much bustle in your love life.

It won’t be easy to face financial or practical problems and, for this reason, you should ask for the help of someone who could cover for you if need be.

If you’re going shopping, or if you want to shop online, you might find many interesting offers and you’ll especially be able to make a financial profit from the purchase of an object that will bring you great satisfaction.

This Saturday’s lucky number for those born under Scorpio is 36. This number invites you to reflect on your selfishness and your ability to give yourself to others.


Scorpio, keeping calm and in harmony won’t be a problem this Saturday. Enjoying your body in all its aspects will have a soothing effect on your overall health.

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