Scorpio Monday on a sky background

Relaxation and enjoyment - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, April 12, 2021

Take every opportunity you get to increase your assets in the bank, you'll need them


The moon will enter your opposite complementary sign this Monday, giving you the opportunity to love gently and with pleasant manners.

You’ll be more tactful than ever, and you’ll want to please your partner in every way.  A lover such as you isn’t found every day, Scorpio.

You might want to plan a trip, connect with nature. You’ll enjoy fantasizing about enjoying together the simple joy of being in a field under the sunshine, lying on the green pastures. You’ll want for nothing to be happy, and you can sense it.

If you’re single, then you’re very likely to be close to meeting true love, it will depend on whether you can trust in your ability to start this relationship.


This is one of those days where financial matters will weigh you down more than usual. You’d want to enjoy your achievements and escape your duties. Enjoying the good life is a debt you have with yourself, but this is not the right day to leave work aside. Today you’ll have to settle for dreaming.

You’ll enjoy an exhausting day where you’ll have too much work. There’s a lot of movement, phone calls and negotiations which could be very stressful.

No one has handed you anything, that’s why you value having a chance to make money and put some money aside for savings.


It’s very important to think positive. Keeping your ideas about an ideal life and projecting a happy future is part of keeping an open mind and receiving the blessings the universe wants to pour over those who are grateful.

Jupiter in an aspect with your sun favours keeping a positive mindset. Keeping hope favours the healing process of your cells.

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