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Daily Horoscope for Scorpio for Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Scorpio, too much control can lead to stressful episodes


Scorpio, your Horoscope recommends that you listen more to your partner. This part is very important if you really want one of those "lived happily ever after" endings. Don't get worn out or burnt out on trying to change your partner.

Face it, that's impossible. Instead, try to accept her as she is. In this respect, your Horoscope sees you with a very high sense of tolerance. 

This will undoubtedly help you to strengthen your commitment to your partner.


The Daily Horoscope sees an economic opportunity today if you compare and study your electricity and gas contracts. Perhaps, although you don't know it, you are paying more because you have contracted more power than you need. Or you are stuck in a plan that doesn't fit your current habits and schedules.

Scorpio, don't hesitate to renegotiate your conditions  or look for another company. Pay special attention to offers for new customers. Do the same with telephone and internet.


Scorpio, don't try to change the way you think in your work environment, Scorpio. Communication is essential for good co-ordination and co-operation, so you'll have to talk and discuss until you reach a minimum understanding.

The Daily Horoscope also asks you to leave behind any regrets for bad decisions you could have made in the past. If you can get your partner or associate to listen to you, a greater harmony will be generated. This will soon attract powerful investors to your very doorstep.


Scorpio, give up control. The tendency to plan everything around you can lead to even the smallest detail in your life becoming a constant source of tension and stress.

It's important to realise that there are many situations beyond your control, over which you have very little influence. Your Horoscope asks you to let circumstances flow.

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