The Scorpio sign with a purple background

New initiatives - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, March 11, 2021

Gain momentum! You have harmonious astral energies for love, creativity and business


Your characteristic vitality and inner strength will help you find joy during this period of stress both at home and at work. The presence of Saturn in Aquarius keeps causing some trouble for Scorpios, who can’t find emotional solace at home. On the contrary, you’ll feel that coming home might be a sad and difficult time.

Frustration or limitations might be the source of your problems. You’d want to have more freedom to move or express yourself.

If you’re single, the astral energies are perfect to establish a new romance and start living a long-lasting love story. Don’t get carried away by prejudice or fear of the past. Now you have a second chance.

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Business is a source of happiness and abundance for those who prefer the path of commerce and a life of business. The conjunction of Venus and the sun will give you a great boost when it comes to money and outreach. It’s the perfect time to make yourself known, open new markets, and establish new sales channels for your products or services.

If you’re currently unemployed, perhaps the time has come to build your own business. Perhaps the lessons you’ve learned of late have changed the way you perceive your financial matters.

The time has come to do what you like, and that which is your true vocation. The conjunction of the sun with Venus and Neptune in a water sign awakes in you a longing for the abundance and prosperity you deserve.


Today the health of Scorpio is good thanks to a state of hopefulness which makes you predisposed to inner harmony.  When you chase your dreams, everything falls into place and the symptoms that bothered you improve.

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