The Scorpio sign

Happy words will change your vibration - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, January 11, 2021

If you act with your characteristic wit and intelligence, you'll have the solutions you need within your grasp


Those born in the first decan will enjoy a fresh astral energy pushed by the recent arrival of Mars to your area of relationships. There’s a lot of available energy, a state of exacerbated sensuality which fuels the hearts and promotes an intense energy exchange.

The moon leaving the sign of Sagittarius will allow you to enjoy plenty of energy around you, thanks to which you’ll have beautiful conversations. Those closest to you will show you how much they love you, in different ways.

After everything you’ve been through lately, you can trust that the new season is happier and more relaxed for you.

Those who are single will meet someone that will make them feel as if they had known each other all their lives. It will be very thrilling to share visions of your future together.

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When your attitude in the face of problems is active and responsible, everything finds a solution. There are different perspectives to face the situation you currently find yourself in. The way in which you deal with this matter will be key next year.

This is a very positive day for many Scorpios who will feel they have solved an important problem. This Monday you’ll be able to take a step forward in your career.

Today’s guide number for Scorpio is 81. This number indicated the arrival of a cycle of realization where you’ll be able to give and receive everything that comes into your life enthusiastically, and trusting progress.


The stars indicate a tendency to appear hyperactive, Scorpio. Mars could influence you today, for this reason you should be careful to avoid suffering falls, accidents, little moments of clumsiness which could bring great discomfort. Even if you don’t notice it, your jaws might be receiving your nervous tension when you sleep, or you could be adopting a bad posture while doing tasks. Pay attention and avoid further discomfort.

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