The sign of Scorpio with a black starred background

You'll attract light, love and beauty - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, December 11, 2020

The stars influence you will brilliance, harmony and creativity which you'll be able to apply to all areas of your life


Enjoy these moments that won’t last forever, Scorpio. You’ll value the light that comes into your life thanks to your romantic relationships.

Harmony around you attracts new friendships that will fill you with wonder and will be a breath of fresh air for your heart. Thanks to the lunar influence you’ll be a part of the encounter where the sense of family will shine. It’s a movement that will benefit you and will make you the recipient of everyone’s affection. Some way you’ll manage to receive a lot of attention from your loved ones. You’ll feel the tenderness of sharing your feelings with the little ones.

If you’re currently single, there’s not much time left to face love head on and modify many of your habits.

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This Friday there are great influences in your financial and professional life, Scorpio.

Your reputation will increase, and you’ll attract incredible people who will do nothing other than bringing you the best opportunities for professional development. Many people will start appreciating your services and choose your company instead of others.

If you work in aesthetics of in the arts, your creativity will be great, and your sense of beauty will be enhanced by Venus’s influence.

This Friday’s lucky number for the Scorpio is 15. This number which brings the energy of enjoyment and abundance in material wealth favours the creation and drafting of businesses and helps achieve practical goals.


The tendency to be indulgent with your desires can cause health problems due to overeating and overdrinking. Encounters seem to be the perfect moment to relax and to enjoy a distended and permissive mood.

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