Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Sparkles are ensured - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, August 11, 2020

To enjoy what is coming, you need to let go of old sadness and grudges


Sex is primordial for Scorpios.  Physical intimacy and knowing how to share the moments of union between the bodies and hearts of Scorpios can be very intense for other signs but, today, your intentions will be well received if your partner is a Leo, Aries or Gemini.

It will be a great day; you’ll have fun in a way that you haven’t done in a long time and you’ll feel the oppressive moments of the past will only be water under the bridge.

If you’re single, today you could start a passionate relationship which would appear to be fleeting but which will have a future in your heart instead.


You’ll start changing your perception of work and money. A new horizon appears before your eyes. You’re going through a period of great energy to affirm your professional role. If you are employed, you might change jobs and you’ll be in a better place to show your personal growth.

If you have your own business, today you can optimize many products or services which you thought were finished but which can offer a plethora of new possibilities for trading. You’ll enjoy creating new things and you’ll surprise your clients with these changes.

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You’re facing an astral influence which can create complex mindsets, disturbing emotions, sad memories and other psychic pains which will end up causing harm on your physical body.

Anthroposophy, homoeopathy and Bach floral remedies are very efficient in healing these ailments.

Scorpio ask for recommendations amongst your acquaintances today, for a doctor who complements their knowledge with these alternative therapies. You’ll discover the efficiency and mysteries these techniques hold.

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