Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

Passion doesn't always favour you - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, September 10, 2020

In certain moments of your life your reason can help sort out your feelings


From all the aspects of your life, love will be one of the most energy-consuming ones for you this Thursday, Scorpio.

The stars indicate a tendency to put too much passion into desire which will lead relationships to such a level of intensity that it won’t always be healthy, and which will create doubts for your partner. Pluto in Capricorn in a terrible angular relation to Lilith, also known as the black moon, brings paranoid thoughts where you believe you’re being cheated on, or that they’re withholding information. You’ll have to strive to be reasonable. Your suspicions don’t always have a solid foundation.

If you need to apologize don’t delay...


The positive influence of Venus from Leo continues, offering its special light for Scorpio’s professional matters, especially those born in the first decan.  Keeping an eye and answering your emails, social media accounts and all sorts of invites will be very positive for your financial life. Participating in your profession’s social scene will help you advance your position.

If you have your own business or are starting a new project, it’s time to go out and show yourself, your products and your services to the world, organize your digital world so you can keep reaching farther every day.   If no one knows you, you won’t be able to grow. The way in which you show yourself will boost your business.

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So long as you can modify your negative feelings, you’ll improve your physical wellbeing this Thursday.

Transforming your thoughts is easier than you imagine, and all you have to do is stay focused in the present without getting carried away by your fear of what the future might hold.