Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

A relationship will be your refuge - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The calm brought by your emotional rapports will protect you from the stress you experience in your profession


At night, the moon in the temperate and calm sign of Virgo will come into a good aspect.  You feel that your emotional rapports are a balm which allows you to enjoy love without getting dragged into passionate conflicts which lead nowhere other than to intense reconciliations. It will be a different moment where you’ll seek inner peace rather than passion and, for this reason, you’ll keep your distance from anyone who is conflictive or who can cause problems or disputes.

If you’re single, pay attention, as you’re about to start a relationship with someone who might leave you with a persistent feeling of loneliness. There are excellent energies favouring your emotional and affective world, giving way to an unforgettable love story. Open your soul to the unknown, Scorpio.


The stars show a beneficial energetic disposition for Scorpios. It will be great to enjoy the energy of ascension and growth which marks the path which is about to unfold for many.

You’ll pay attention to the latest developments, especially if you work with new technologies or media, Uranus’s influx is being stimulated from Taurus.

Mars, your regent, continues in your area relating to work and, for this reason, the action and frenzy continue, manifesting intensity, even some conflict with colleagues or employers who will demand more than usual.

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You need to find the time to work on your spiritual life and to connect with your soul’s needs, this way you’ll be able to discover ways to find inner peace for your heart.

Meditating, walking alone, singing, these are all ways to connect with your inner world. Conscious and rhythmic breathing will help your relieve stress and mental fatigue.

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