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Your aura is full of inner peace - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, January 10, 2021

Despite all the problems that will arise, you'll have astral help which favours you with its protection


The moon in Sagittarius invites you to take hope and optimism as the axis of your emotional life.

Today you’ll have the free time to visit some relatives and listen to very pleasant stories and anecdotes regarding your family origins. You’ll feel whole, feeling the emotions transmitted by certain stories, which you’ll want to treasure in your memory.

Pluto continues in Capricorn, favouring the transformation of many problems you carry in your soul, the origin of which is unknown to you. It’s a beautiful and healing time.

The stars collaborate on the path of regeneration of your soul and heart, Scorpio.

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There’s a lot of astral energy in the area of money, for this reason you have an excellent day ahead of you to solve any matters that worry you.

The stars indicate a good disposition to achieve your material desires. You’ll need some peace and quiet to assimilate all the information that will come to you.

Disconnecting from all your duties might be tough on a day like today, but you should try it. You’ll feel great integrating some ancestral notions and knowledge. You’ll find new ways of seeing your job and you’ll find the answers to your struggles or obstacles.

Don’t forget to check your mail as there’s some messages you need to answer as soon as possible.


The lunar transit might make you prone to exaggerated enthusiasm.  Nostalgia will make you stir up some sensitive matters.  Your energy will decrease when you remember and become aware of the love your family has for you. And it’s not just your blood relatives but also those you've chosen to share your life with.

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